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In this space, manage your real estate sale
Click on "Seller connection"
H.A. collecting for you additional information to inform you about the popularity of your real estate sales; each visit to your property will be posted in this space including the IP address of internet connection of the real estate buyer come only on or who sent your offer of real estate sales in our services. You know who and how many visitors are interrested for your ads.
Date of registration, deposit of your announcement date changes (description, text, surfaces, price, photos), customer accounting area, edition printing of your invoice, online payment of your package of presentation on a secure partner site, number of contacts buyers, management perfect to ensure real monitoring of your sale.
H.A. provides for you an essential tool for managing your communication between sellers - buyers. Find here the messages received from our services, received messages of vendors that interest you for your real estate purchase project, your responses sent to them... Traceability of your mails sellers - buyer exchanges will ensure you a fast transaction.
 Your real estate sales draft is ready, the assessment of real property corresponds to the price of m² in the sales area, you have to submit photos, complete the form more precisely., will present your property to buyers who are looking and which resulted in a proposal to purchase the buyers Club
Sell with HA. , begins with the opening of a vendor account, here, enter your personal information that will enable the management of your sale, contact services, maintain relations with buyers, finalize. Fill in the mandatory fields, after validating your login information will be sent to you by mail