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In this space, manage your real estate purchase
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H.A. provides a selection of tools to facilitate your project to purchase real estate. A form of calculation for repayment of borrowings, a former housing m² price list, ranked by city, region, type of real property. Such documents "reports of visits, visited property, comparative applications complementary etc....".
Find the corresponding property to your real estate purchase criteria, in this space by viewing each of the detailed fact sheets, you can if you want to save each property real estate in your space "selections" to share with the vendors concerned telephone conversations or e-mails by interposed mail
H.A. provides an essential tool for managing your communication sellers - buyers. Find here the messages received from our services, received messages of vendors that interest you for your real estate purchase project, your responses sent to them...
 Your real estate project is ready, you have located your future home sector, you know the type of property the price of m², you already know your repayment capabilities, complete the fields in this form after validation, a first selection of corresponding is directly submitted
A purchase with us starts with the opening of the buyer account, enter here, your personal information that will enable good management of your real estate purchase, contact services, relations with vendors and finalize your project. Fill the fields, after validating your login information will be sent to you by mail