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Real Estate Advertisments, International real estate Publication, Sales your Home near you and in Europe


Real estate particularly International has particular. Home-Ads allows individuals to propose the sale of real estate in France and the international between individuals. After validation of your real estate sale announcement, your real estate sale will be simultaneously broadcast in Europe on real estate sale of Home-Ads sites, namely: real estate sale in Luxembourg, real estate sale in Germany, real estate sale in Belgium, real estate sale in Holland, real estate sales in England, real estate sale in Switzerland, real estate sale in Austria, real estate sale in Italy, real estate sale in Spain etc... Publish your estate in French sale on Home-Ads, it is immediately accessible and readable in 8 languages on the 25 European countries.

Without additional cost, upon request we can deal with the publication of your ads. These may be published under anonymity. 4 to 14 photos can accompany the publication of your ads.


Home-Ads specializes in the publication of advertisments for real estate assets in Europe. These advertisments are published in 12 countries in 8 languages

If you are looking for a mas in Provence, a villa with swimming pool in France, a house in the Vosges mountains or if you are looking for an Adslet cHome in the Alps, a villa with pool in Spain, a house in Italy an apartment in Paris or in Belgium, Home-Ads is your partner.

Our concept allows the users to get in touch directly with the seller or the lessor. If necessary we can intervene as an interpreter to facilitate your contacts

  International Real Estate

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